Q&A with Afif Ghannoum, CEO of BIOHM Health

At Euphebe, we are always immersing ourselves in the latest scientific research and BIOHM Health is leading the research in microbiome analysis, gut bacteria, gut fungi, and digestive plaque. Gut health is such a hot topic and while we have researched gut bacteria, we did not know that gut fungi also play a significant role in our microbiome. We reached out to Afif Ghannoum and BIOHM Health to learn more about BIOHM's research and products and to share that knowledge with you.

BIOHM Health sells a Gut Report Kit and Candida Report Kit so you can test your microbiome in the comfort of your own home. It also sells probiotics, prebiotics, and super greens blends. Two members of the Euphebe team sent in their Gut Report Kits recently and we will share our results once we receive them! In the meantime, we are sharing more about Afif and BIOHM Health in this Q&A. (If you read only one answer, check out number 7. Does the described gut healthy diet sound familiar?).

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Afif Ghannoum, CEO of BIOHM Health

  1. What is your background and what inspired you and the team to start BIOHM Health?

My name is Afif Ghannoum and I’m the CEO of BIOHM Health. I am a Biotechnology Attorney and an FDA Regulatory expert. I have founded three biotechnology companies, with over $15 million in private equity financing, launched products in over 25,000 retail stores, and licensed a technology to a global pharmaceutical company, for a product sold in over 100,000 stores. I am also named an inventor on several biotechnology patents.  

What inspired us was my dad’s groundbreaking discovery that bad bacteria and bad fungi work together to create digestive upset and imbalance. He realized that today’s probiotics and microbiome testing had not been engineered to address the gut’s total microbiome of bacteria and fungi, completely ignoring the role fungi plays in digestive health. As a result, we created BIOHM Health — the first total gut company.

  1. What are the benefits of taking your probiotic supplements (in general and versus other probiotics)?

Other probiotics have not been designed to address the critical role of fungi in gut health. Instead, they just concentrate on good bacteria — offering a partial solution to total gut balance. By only concentrating on bacteria, fungi is allowed to flourish unchecked, leading to digestive imbalance.  

When it comes to digestive health, good bacteria is only half the story. BIOHM is the first and only probiotic proven to break down digestive plaque and address total gut balance by combining good bacteria + good fungi.

You wouldn’t buy a car that only has two wheels, so why take a probiotic that only does half the job?

  1. You make several different types of probiotic supplements. How should a consumer go about picking one?

Our probiotic supplement contains 30 billion live active cultures of bacteria and fungi and comes in a vegetarian capsule form. If a capsule is not for you, we also have a Super Greens powder available. Our Super Greens powder is our probiotic formula fused with fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes all in one scoop! It is naturally sweetened with Monk fruit and actually tastes good! It can be mixed into a bowl of yogurt or added to a glass of water or orange juice. 

It’s okay to take both the Probiotic Supplement (capsule) and Super Greens together, or to rotate between the two. The most important thing is that you find a probiotic routine that works best for you to ensure that you are taking it consistently. 

  1. Should everyone be taking a probiotic daily?

Your gut’s balance can easily be disturbed, so everyone could benefit from taking a probiotic.

Poor diet choices, stress, lack of sleep, and even genetics can impact your gut’s balance and lead to digestive issues. Taking a probiotic can help you maintain digestive balance by populating your gut with good organisms that can control the bad organisms lurking in your gut. 

  1. What is the Gut Report Kit and what can consumers expect to learn from the results?

The BIOHM Gut Report kit is an at-home testing kit that sequences (or identifies) your gut’s important bacterial and fungal levels.

Once you receive your Gut Report Kit, you are given instructions on how collect a fecal sample at home and securely mail it back to our lab for processing. Once the sequencing has been completed, you will receive your test results via e-mail. 

Your results will show your gut’s bacterial and fungal levels and compare them to “normal gut levels”. You will also have the option to receive actionable wellness and nutritional recommendations from our microbiome-trained Registered Nutritionists based on your personal results, all free of charge!  

  1. What is the common state of people’s gut health? 

Many of the clients we see have a Gut Report indicative of inflammation, and normally lifestyle factors such as stress or poor nutritional choices are to blame for this. On the positive side, we have yet to see any reports that show Candida overgrowth. "Candida overgrowth" has recently become a very hot topic in the world of gut health and is typically a huge concern on people’s minds even though they may not have it. The other common element we see among Gut Report results is a lack of highly beneficial bacteria and fungi, which is why taking a probiotic that has both is SO critical. 

  1. Are there other ways to nourish your gut beyond taking a probiotic?

Absolutely! Fermented foods, lots of fiber, removing processed foods, reducing sugar, and generally focusing mostly on plants, with a little a bit of "animal" here and there! Beyond diet, maintaining a healthy weight, consistently exercising, and reducing/managing stress have all been shown to benefit a healthy gut flora balance. 

  1. How does a probiotic work in conjunction with a diverse, whole food, plant based diet (like Euphebe’s!)?

A probiotic can help in a few ways. First, a probiotic delivers specific beneficial bacterial and fungal species directly to the gut. Second, the microorganisms chosen for BIOHM's probiotic are also anti-pathogenic, so they help prevent pathogenic organisms from taking root or flourishing. And finally, the species selected also reduce inflammation, increasing overall gut health. These 3 elements improve digestion allowing you to get the most out of the meals you're eating. More than that, plant-based, fibrous foods also provide prebiotic fibers, the "food" necessary for our good bacteria and fungus. You are what you eat, and what you eat, is what your gut bacteria and fungi consume! So do yourself a favor, and feed them well.

  1. Where do you see the future of gut health?

Even though we are still learning and beginning to understand the complexity of the human microbiome, gut health has been a buzzy topic for quite some time now — and rightfully so! There are many aspects of health and disease that are all linked to the gut, so it’s truly important we prioritize optimizing our digestive health. 

That’s where I see the future of gut health — continued focus on supporting digestive balance… it’s going to start to completely change our approach to preventing and treating specific conditions.

  1. Where can the Euphebe community learn more about BIOHM and purchase your products?

We’d love for you to come visit our website to learn more. We’re always working to keep you up to date with the latest in gut health by sharing news, gut-friendly recipes, and easy tips and techniques to give your gut a little extra TLC.