At Home Series: Q&A with Sheinelle Jones

In interview #3 of our At Home Series, our founder Nadja got to catch up with the lovely journalist Sheinelle Jones. You've likely seen her as a co-host on 3rd Hour Today or as co-anchor on the Saturday editions of Weekend Today. Sheinelle is also a mother of 3, and her bright and cheery nature is contagious.

Her and Nadja talked about what they are learning from Covid, and the insights they hope to take away from it when life goes "back to normal." They are grateful for the opportunity to slow down and "press the pause button." Although still incredibly busy, Sheinelle is happy to be staying in one place for a bit - a nice break from flying around the country several days per week!

Check out the full interview below.

Stayed tuned for the next interview of our At Home Series. 🧡