The Plantable Guide To 'Maintaining Not Gaining' Over The Holidays

The Plantable holiday motto is ‘maintain not gain,’ meaning we understand that not indulging during the holiday season is next to impossible. However, we do believe in smart indulgences or rather, indulging but surrounding those indulgent moments with some health-promoting moments as well. We promise that by making a few healthy decisions throughout the holidays, you’ll find it easier to face the in-laws as well as to get back on track in January.  

Check out our team’s best holiday tips to help you get through the next week…

Kate Hutcheson, Director of Branding
I'm pretty adamant about my green juice before travel. I get superrrr dehydrated on flights - and am flying a lot this holiday season - so morning of, I always have a green juice (and even a salad in a jar type smoothie as well). 

Abby Cannon, Vice President of Corporate Health
Follow each alcoholic drink with one glass of water! And, while traveling, be hyper conscious of only eating when actually hungry. Just because there is food all around or the airline is serving food, does not mean you have to eat. We don’t need to eat every 45 minutes especially when we are just sitting for hours!

Kayleen St. John, Chief Operations Officer
Prioritize gut health. The mind-gut connection is incredibly strong so during a time of indulgence, I do my best to be mindful about also focusing on my gut.  Introducing kimchi to my family’s holiday brunch or bringing a batch of pre-biotic packed roasted root veggies to dinner are a few strategies I’ve taken in the past. 

Claire Schmitt, Social Media Coordinator
I make sure to exercise first thing in the morning over the holidays, even if that is by simply taking a long walk or a yoga class. I find that the combination of moving my body and the time to myself really makes me a more relaxed and better version of myself so that I can better enjoy all that family time ;)