But, what's Inflammation?

We've been talking a lot recently about our 3-DAY ANTI-INFLAMMATORY CLEANSE launch and how excited we are about it. But we would like to give you an insight into why we are so excited about this new program.

It's clear that with our busy lifestyle, compounded by the recent turn of events, we’ve been under extra stress, which in turn provokes in inflammation.

There has been much discussion surrounding chronic inflammation and how it negatively impacts long-term health. But, what exactly is it and how can we fight against it?

Chronic inflammation comes from prolonged exposure to toxins or other factors that harm our body. Chronic inflammation, like acute inflammation, is a call to anti-bodies to come repair and heal cells. Unlike chronic inflammation, acute inflammation is a rapid response normally arising from a catalyst event injuring tissue, for example a cut. You can normally identify acute inflammation by the tell-tale signs of redness, swelling, pain or lack of mobility. Chronic inflammation however is far harder to spot because it arises from continuous exposure to milder factors over prolonged periods of time thereby constantly drawing on the immune system, and ultimately debilitating it. Studies have shown that if nothing is done about chronic inflammation, it can lead to a weakened immune system, which is the pre-cursor to a series of health issues.

While stress can cause inflammation through stimulation of cortisol, diet also has a significant impact. Sugar, meat, and highly refined grains are inflammatory as are processed meats and refined vegetable oils, such as palm, canola, and sunflower. Eliminating these food types from our diet rapidly reduces inflammation.

Studies have shown that a reduction in the consumption of meat and sugar improves the function of the endothelium, which is the liner of blood vessels that expands and contracts, allowing for the flow of blood through our arteries. A whole-food, plant-based diet is understood to be responsible for increased athletic performance through the reduction of inflammation and shortened recovery times.

So, with the summer season upon us, load up with veggies and fruits with natural anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory powers and take the opportunity of longer, warmer days to pick up our daily outdoor activities, increasing our level of exercise and de-stressing the mind.

And if figuring out what to eat to maximize the impact of an anti-inflammatory diet, check out our new 3-day cleanse to kickstart your journey.