Making ‘Earth Day’ Everyday of the Year

Coined in the spring of 1970, Earth Day is an annual event we are all encouraged to participate in to show our support for environmental protection and preservation. However, isn’t peculiar that it’s only acknowledged once a year. Shouldn’t every day be Earth Day? 


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We certainly think so! We believe we should feel encouraged to show commitment to environmental preservation of our beautiful planet, while using the precious resources like pristine water, light, food made graciously available to us. And as we come out of a brutal and challenging 13 months of our new Covid-19 world, what new practices can we keep hold of in order to best protect our nurturing Mother Earth?


Earth Day 


 1. Reduced commuting.


While it is still not clear what the new “working normal” will be in a post-Covid world, over the last year we have shown that we can be productive working from home. Industry leaders, such as Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, have indicated that office real estate is likely to settle out around 60-70% of prior-Covid levels with more open workspaces, implying some sort of hybrid, more flexible work environment. This “new normal” clearly has a positive impact on the environment, reducing emissions. How can we really make the most of it? On those non-commuting days, block your calendar for the time you were going to be commuting and go for a brisk walk, run or bike. That way, both your brain/body and mother earth will be thanking you.


2. Keeping a plant-centric diet.


According to European Scientist, "Shifting to plant-based diets that are high in coarse grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, while limiting meat intake to around 60 grams per person per day could reduce agricultural emissions by up to 8 gigatons of carbon each year, thereby helping to mitigate climate change."

Wow! 8 gigatons of carbon a year saved from going up in the atmosphere just by making plants the focus of your diet. Not to mention the change in agricultural processes and reduction of land clearance. And to top it all? A plantable diet is scientifically proven to:


  • Trigger healthy weight loss
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve energy and eliminate chronic fatigue
  • Improve mental clarity


What’s there not to love?


Earth Day


3. Eating and living with the seasons.


Who doesn’t want to indulge in strawberries in mid-winter? We are used to a plethora of choice. However, to the extent possible, being aware of where ingredients and materials have come from and staying seasonal and local, can help reduce the drain on our planetary resources. That way we get the freshest ingredients and it makes for a happy planet by eating what naturally grows at each time of year. 


We hope that at Plantable we are doing what we can by following these three guidelines. In fact, in a sneaky preview of next week’s blog, learn how Mat Platzer, our Director of Fulfillment, is finally going completely plant-based. More on what happens to Mat next week!


Back to you, dear Planet. Happy Earth Day. Today and tomorrow, we promise to look out for you.


Love, the Plantable team 🧡🌱