Q&A with Mental Health & Fitness Coach Gabe Snow

Tell us how you came into plant-based eating/Plantable.

I came into plant based eating due to kidney/liver issues I was having. I had a sudden gout attack that forced me into researching ways in which I could not just alleviate my condition/symptoms but potentially cure them. 

Before starting, what were your concerns?

Protein intake and cooking options. I have been quite the carnivore my entire life being an athlete (college football/bodybuilding) and relied on animal products for my protein sources. I also love to cook and was very detered at the thought of having to learn a whole new recipe book / force my palette to adjust.


Once you started, what happened?

I immediately began to see benefits. Inflammation from old injuries dissipated, sleep quality increased, my energy levels were and are at an all time high. Overall wellness increased. My skin has become tighter and my body has never felt better.


What was the biggest surprise?

My biggest surprise was the massive increase in my endurance as an athlete. I was riding 10-20 miles on my bike daily or I was weight training before plant based. But could never do both in the same day. After a few weeks being plant based I had enough energy to do both, as well as train 10 clients per day.


What is the long term takeaway?

There's no going back for me. This lifestyle /diet has stuck for good. I advocate plant based nutrition more than anything other than exercise. It has changed my life and the lives of my clients and I am thankful for plantable to be able to keep me on track.