At Home Series: Q&A with Plant-Powered Olympian Dotsie Bausch

In the second interview of our At Home Series, our founder Nadja sat down with amazing plant-based athlete Dotsie Bausch. You've most likely seen her in the groundbreaking Game Changers documentary. She's a Silver Olympic Medalist, USA Cycling National Champion, and the Executive Director of Switch4good, a non-profit empowering people to transform their health by eliminating dairy.

If you're short on time, here are the highlights: 

  • When Dotsie switched to a whole food plant-based diet, the first change she noticed was that she no longer felt those exercise "hangovers" that professional athletes often experience from over-training. She once needed a 3-hour gap between waking up and training. Within the first 10 days of going plant-based, she noticed that she woke up feeling lighter and more energized, ready to get on the bike within an hour of getting up!
  • Dotsie's non-profit Switch4Good is raising awareness about the dairy industry's impact on public health. Currently they are running a nationwide campaign urging the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to remove dairy as a recommended food group. 
  • Dotsie's approach to exercise during quarantine: try something completely new and have fun with it. During the first week or so, she found that trying to do at-home versions of her usual workouts (like hot yoga or a spin class with her favorite instructor) was quite frustrating - it just isn't the same. She then decided to "stop pouting about it" and completely change her routine. She's now focusing on building strength in areas that she did not emphasize before, like her back and shoulders. We love this idea of using quarantine to completely switch it up! 💪