Reset Your Food Habits With ‘Bite-Sized’ Learning

We know... changing food habits is hard! In the beginning, it can seem so dauntingnot knowing where to start, not knowing what resources to trust, not understanding the true differences between healthy and unhealthy foods, feelings of dread and anxiety caused by the idea of change… It can be exhausting before you even get started! 

But we have a secret for you… transforming your eating habits can be easier than you think!

In fact, making too many changes too quickly is often a recipe for disaster. We see it all too often. People try to commit to healthier food habits. They come into the process with all the right intentions. They start working towards their goals by cutting out all sorts of products they’re regularly used to eating. They don’t address underlying psychological factors associated with their eating habits. Their bodies go through an initial shock with all the changes. The cravings become too strong and they succumb to their old habits because they didn’t fully understand what they were doing in the first place. They get defeated and become too discouraged to try again. 

This cycle sucks! It’s hard, it’s demoralizing, and it can send people on a spiral of resenting themselves and food altogether. And the worst part is, this cycle is extremely common!

What we’ve learned over the years of coaching clients all over the country, is that the key to a successful health reset and long lasting results is in the change strategy away from bad habits to good ones. With the right techniques, we’ve seen clients adopt long lasting food habit changes in as little as one month of practice.


Let us break it down for you. The two biggest factors we’ve seen that contribute to an effective change strategy and long lasting results in adopting healthy food habits are:

Key #1: Distributed learning of nutrition education.

Key #2: Ongoing support and coaching.


Key #1: Distributed learning of nutrition education is an effective strategy for supporting long lasting food habit changes.

Don’t just take it from usit’s psychologically proven that distributed learning and practice is one of the most effective means of changing a habit or acquiring a new skill (Benjamin and Tullis). The reason behind this is in the ‘bite-sized’ approach of learning new concepts in small portions over a period of time rather than trying to binge-learn everything at once. Distributed learning works so well because it slowly conditions the mind, making comprehension and retention easier without expending too much effort. This also makes the learning process enjoyable because it’s easy to digest!


We’ve adopted this distributed learning technique in our Reboot Program by releasing tasty bites of daily educational content about nutrition and healthy eating to accompany our clients on their food habits reset. We’ve noticed that releasing daily doses of educational content encourages their ongoing learning process while providing a relevant context to why each new change they’re making is so important at each stage of their food journey. The more they learn about healthy eating habits, the more empowered they feel to commit to these lifestyle changes. Just as the age old saying goesGive a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.


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Key #2: Ongoing support and coaching with health & nutrition experts.

In a day and age when information about healthy eating is so widely available, you might ask “why would anyone choose to pay for coaching?” Well, like any new learning experiencean abundance of raw information doesn’t exactly translate to a particular outcome. The golden ticket is in the portion control of information and support being given to you in the right sequence and at the right time on the way to your individual healthy eating goals. 

We don’t mean to discredit self-directed learning! It’s just that in the specific context of addressing lifestyle changes (especially diet related changes), having an on-demand coach is incredibly beneficial as a source of information AND can help develop intrinsic motivation with accountability check ins. A coach can also provide individualized guidance as addressing food habit changes does not have a ‘one size fits all’ solution. That’s why our Reboot Program has unlimited SMS coaching for up to 3 months where you can instantaneously message with your personalized health coach if you have any questions or concerns that arise along the way as well as convenient motivational support to encourage your commitment to long lasting change. 

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Our 28-day Reboot Program has changed the lives of our clients time and time again because we’re committed to methods specifically designed to alleviate the stress that may arise from change and encourage long lasting healthy eating results. 


This is nutritional science backed by cognitive science and psychology specifically designed to help you succeed. 

Everything we do at Plantable is to ensure our clients enjoy the transition process and commit to their healthy eating goals. Yes, you will have to make adjustments, and yes there might be some growing pains, but we promise that taking baby steps in the right direction everyday will eventually get you to your healthy eating goals. The best news of all is that you don’t have to do any of it on your ownwe’re with you every step of the way. 

Transform your life. For good.

See Long Lasting Food Habit Changes with our 28-day Reboot Program.