The Crappy Food Cycle

Globally, we are experiencing an unprecedented epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other chronic illness. This epidemic is largely the result of today’s modern diet, one that is loaded with highly refined grains, processed food and sugar and lacking in natural fiber. The unfortunate reality is that our healthcare system predominantly focuses on treating the symptoms of these diseases (through statins and other medications) rather than the root cause: what you’re putting into your body to begin with (most often what we here at Plantable call, The Crappy Food Cycle).

The Crappy Food Cycle vs. The Real Food Cycle
So what really is the Crappy Food Cycle?  The basics of the cycle are fueled by highly refined grains, stripped of fiber and typically loaded with sugar. This type of food is easily broken down into glucose and absorbed into our bloodstream. This quick absorption leads to the release of insulin, which promotes the storage of excess energy as fat. In absence of fiber and nutrients, the brain actually believes it is starving, leading to the all too familiar "Eat. Crash. Hunger. Eat More." cycle.

So what’s the solution, you ask? It's not conventional thinking of simply ‘Eat Less, Move More’ (Try telling a starved brain to eat less, we dare you.) That's the crux of why conventional dieting simply doesn't work. Now meet the Real Food Cycle: filled with whole grains, plenty of fiber, nutrients and plant proteins. Digestion slows, the brain, now receiving a steady stream of nutrients is now satisfied, and we have allowed the body to restore itself to a healthy t 4-hour metabolic cycle.

The Bottom Line
Breaking the crappy food cycle is hard, mainly because crap is so convenient and the combination of fat, salt and sugar makes it highly addictive. At Plantable, we are dedicated to breaking the crappy food cycle and your sugar addiction by delivering delicious and satiating meals made of real, whole foods. The result is a marked improvement in internal health and general wellbeing. Real food creates real results.