The Plantable Philosophy

Our Motivation
Globally, we are experiencing an unprecedented epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other chronic illness. This epidemic is largely the result of today’s modern diet, one that is loaded with highly refined grains, processed food and sugar and lacking in natural fiber. The unfortunate reality is that most doctors choose to treat the symptoms of these diseases (through statins and other medications) rather than the root cause (a way of eating that is ultimately making us sick).

The good news is that what we eat profoundly impacts our health. It has been estimated that 80% of chronic disease can be prevented through lifestyle factors alone. This means that what we put in our body plays a major role in disease prevention. With health as a foundational driver, the Plantable mission is to make it easier for everyone to achieve the wellbeing, euphoria and freedom that good-for-you food brings.

It’s More Than Just Meals
At Plantable, we spend a great deal of our focus on making delicious, satiating and enjoyable meals. However, our food preferences aren’t the only thing dictating our food choices. Hormones such as ghrelin (the hunger hormone), leptin (the satiety hormone) or cortisol (the stress hormone) as well as neural receptors that govern our mood and emotional state can influence which foods we eat. This is why when you are stressed or tired, you may find yourself lingering in the candy aisle at the grocery store or mindlessly eating potato chips in front of the television.

When we feed our body and brain with the good stuff, it is easier to decide to say no to the crap we ultimately regret eating. But we also recognize that it's hard to break habits, especially when they are emotionally driven. So that's where our coaches come in. To give the extra support we need when we are making changes for good. They're just a text or a phone call away. We've got your back and are here to help you figure it out, and feel better fast.

What If Plantable Were a Pill?
Everyone is looking for a weight loss quick fix or magic drug. What many people don’t realize that eating the Plantable-way for even just a month can result in weight loss, improved blood lipid levels, decreased waist circumference and even the reversal of pre-diabetes (see stats below). Sounds and looks a lot like magic, right? Feed the body what it needs, remove the sugar-toxins and watch your body restore itself – no magic needed.

The Bottom Line

Plantable is a modern form of healthcare. We are dedicated to breaking the crappy food cycle and your sugar addiction by delivering delicious and satiating meals made of real, whole foods. The result is a marked improvement in internal health and general wellbeing. Real food creates real results.