Restore your
metabolic health.

Whether you want to lower inflammation, reduce blood sugar, lose excess weight, manage your chronic conditions, or just feel better, Plantable can help you transform and reboot your metabolic health. In just 28 days.

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Today’s modern diet is the driver behind chronic disease.

Unfortunately, today’s modern diet, filled with added sugar, highly refined grains, and processed ingredients, fuels chronic conditions, including pre-diabetes, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and even some forms of cancer. What we eat drives our metabolic health, which in turn impacts how we look, feel, and age.

We all have the power to reverse diet-related chronic conditions

The human body is amazing and it wants to repair itself, every day. Once we give the brain and body what it actually needs, it starts to heal, immediately. From the very first day with Plantable, you’ll feel better. Plantable helps naturally reverse and prevent diet-related chronic disease because we address the root issue. Food is medicine. And in our case, it’s delicious food as medicine.

How Plantable helps reverse disease.

We understand the science of how added sugar and highly processed ingredients impact our metabolic health. Plantable accompanies you on your journey to restored metabolic health. In just 28-days, you will Reboot your relationship with sugar and reset your health. And your blood work will prove it. We teach you the tools of how to continue in your new lifestyle, where diet-related chronic conditions can be a thing of the past.

Behavior change
made easy

Plantable is a clinically-supported lifestyle program that uniquely combines education with the support of behavioral counseling (because let’s face it, cravings are a bear), along with the added ease of whole food, nutrient-dense meals to stave off hunger, and to give your brain and body what it needs, while it begins to immediately heal.

Personal support 24/7
Plant-based nutrition
Recipes & tracking
Extraordinary results in just 28 days1. And beyond2.
Average 28-day weight loss:
(5% of initial body weight)
-8.9 LBS
Average 28-day inflammation reduction:
-1.3 PTS
Average 28-day blood sugar reduction:
-0.9 PTS
Average 28-day cholesterol reduction
-41 PTS

These Foundational Results have now formed the basis of clinical trials with leading medical institutions to prove Plantable’s efficacy as a dietary lifestyle intervention.

  1. 28-day Reboot Foundational Results, collected by Plantable, May 2015, January 2016 - September 2017
  2. In a recent survey (December 2019, N=81), 93% of all polled respondents reported to the Reboot meeting their goals (weight loss or other), and 54% attested to long-term sustained change, of which 86% attribute to Plantable.
Clinical Trials

Plantable is in clinical trials with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a dietary intervention to evaluate the reduction of certain risk factors associated with cancer (breast and myeloma) including weight loss, inflammation, changes in the microbiome and other metabolic markers.

Furthermore Plantable is due to commence a randomized clinical trial with Weill Cornell and Johns Hopkins to evaluate similar outcomes associated with prostate cancer.

Beginning late 2022, we expect to begin reporting results from these trials.


Plantable is recommended by physicians as a lifestyle intervention for chronic conditions including the following:

  • Lower blood sugar
    (pre-diabetes & type II diabetes)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower chronic inflammation
  • Weight loss
  • Restored metabolic health

“Plantable is a life saving intervention that I often use with patients. I have seen it transform lives of patients with diabetes and metabolic syndrome by dramatically reducing the number of required medications. Patients with heart disease have found it very helpful to lower LDL cholesterol. Invariably markers of inflammation drop after a month long program. The same marker of inflammation, hsCRP, is known to be related with worse outcomes in many modern diseases. Patients love the “food as medicine” approach.“

Hooman Yaghoobzadeh MD, FACC
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Weill Cornell Medicine | New York-
Presbyterian Hospital

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The Reboot

$175 per week, for 4 weeks

Reset your metabolic health, reach your weight loss goals, and get to your happy weight.

The most effective lifestyle program designed to reset your habits and metabolism by providing all the support, personalization, education, and accountability needed for your transformation—in just 28 days.

The Reboot pairs you with your very own lifestyle coach who will get to know you and your habits, personalizing your program to ensure your success. Includes weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with unlimited round-the-clock SMS support for 28 days, plus your choice of 48 chefprepared plant-based entrees designed to make your Reboot easy, enjoyable, and successful.

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The Role of Coaching

Eating is pleasure. It’s also cultural and can be emotional or even stressful. And changing eating habits in favor of our health can be hard, whether it’s because we get suckered in by yet another Big Food marketing campaign or by that sugar voice out to sabotage our health.

We pair you with a real person who truly cares. They’ll get to know you, your habits and your routine and provide guidance and support. Whether that means texting while grocery shopping or coming up with a strategy for those late-night gelato cravings, we’ve got your back!

Our Food Principles

Every meal is made with the highest quality, whole food, plant-based ingredients. No added sugar, no highly refined grains or inflammatory processed ingredients. Each chef-prepared meal is high in real fiber, balanced across the macro-nutrients, to keep blood sugar stable (no peaks and crashes), high in plant-based protein with only good-for-you fat. Designed to keep your tummy full and your palate delighted, making changing behavior easy and enjoyable!

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Medical Advisors
& Clinical Investigators

Medical Advisors

Dr. Hooman Yaghoobzadeh

Chief medical advisor

Amanda Bontempo

Chief nutrition advisor

Dr. Dexter Shurney

Chief insurance advisor

Clinical trial principal investigators

Dr. Neil Iyengar MD

Breast cancer trial collaborator (MSKCC)

Dr. David Nanus MD

Prostate cancer trial collaborator (Weill Cornell)

Dr. Urvi Shah MD

Myeloma cancer trial collaborator (MSKCC)