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Introducing the first clinically-supported lifestyle program that combines plant-based nutrition and behavioral psychology—to quickly and easily (and deliciously) transform your body, health, and habits in just 28 days.

Plant-based nutrition

Nutrient-dense, plant-based, vegan meals delivered to your doorstep—and designed to keep you full, healthy, and happy.

Personalized coaching

Your personal coach available every day via phone and texting to help you define—and nail—your goals.

Ongoing support

Daily inspiration, education, and tools to support your habits during—and way beyond—your initial 28 days.

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How it works

Select a program

Choose your program and select a ship date for your first box

Choose your meals

Opt for our weekly chef’s menu or customize meals to your preferences

Define your goals

Download our app to complete your onboarding and connect with your coach

Begin your journey

Reboot your lifestyle easily and enjoyably with real ingredients and ongoing support

Brace for impact

When you lose 10 lbs by also being nice to the planet, that's karma

The Impact

These results and statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a chronic condition, please check with your physician prior to commencing Plantable.

1. 28-day Reboot Foundational Results, collected by Plantable, May 2015, January 2016 - September 2017. Total data sample (N) = 127 people 2. N = 127 3. N = 74 4. N=14 5. Starting LDL > 100, N=18 6. Starting HgbA1C > 5.7, N=7 7.

Clinical Trials

Rooted in science

Plantable’s Foundational Results have formed the basis of clinical trials with leading medical institutions - including Memorial Sloan Kettering, Weill Cornell, and Johns Hopkins - zoo independently assess Plantable as a dietary intervention (through our signature combination of whole food, plant-based meals, personalized coaching, and lifestyle platform) on risk factors independently linked to breast, myeloma, and prostate cancer (currently in pipeline).

Primary outcomes of these trials include weight loss, improvement in thee microbiome, reduction in inflammatory tissue, and changes in gene expression. Secondary outcomes include markers associated with metabolic health including the reduction of cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and inflammation.

We expect to begin to announce the results of our trials in late 2022.

“I’ve been battling
eating problems my
whole life. Wow.”

“Losing 70 pounds by my 50th felt unachievable. Your food and team proved me wrong. After just four months, I've only 8 pounds to go!”

“Thanks for the support
on this journey. I fully
intend to stick with the
Plantable lifestyle. You’ve
changed my life."

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No added sugar. No hidden ingredients. Just real food and real results.

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